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Mundo y Formas de la Guitarra Flamenca          


This work by Manolo Sanlúcar stands as an important bridge between traditional and modern styles and displays at the highest level (through an extensive study of most flamenco forms) all technical aspects of flamenco guitar playing up to that point  within new - and often very complex - compositions. In its time, this work was somewhat overlooked and was not perceived as part of the modern trend in flamenco that would come to full fruition a couple of years later with the continuing emergence of the great Paco de Lucía. However, the Sanlúcar opus cannot today be considered traditional either. Words like traditional and modern do not really come into it. Rather it is a culmination of an important musician's thorough knowledge of all aspects of flamenco music resulting in a unique and personal expression of such. Sanlúcar was no follower of fashion - rather he pursued his own path and looking back, what he left us with is one of the most important things a musician can ever learn - to leave a strong stamp or mark on one's music whether a composition or an interpretation. That in itself should inspire players - even those who for one reason or another may not wish to study any of the music in the 3-volume set (although I can say from experience it is some of the most challenging flamenco music out there) - to be individual. Listening to these discs, it is clear that this is concert hall flamenco music at the very highest level. Sanlúcar is now a supreme master, but even at the time of these recordings he was on a par with any concert hall instrumentalist of any other type of music in the world. A true great.

Juego de Niños


Fuente y Caudal

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