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The following videos are highly recommended as exceptional examples of great players and music. This page only serves as a link/reference to these videos which have been uploaded to Youtube by others.

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The master playing an Alegrias. This is mainly from Paco's composition Calle Munción from the 1998 album Luzia and includes some of his famous piece La Barrosa from the album Siroco. When Paco was composing
Calle Munción he introduced sections of it into his live performances of La Barrosa until there was enough material to take over completely. Paco has always done things this way. He then records the new piece and then plays that plus some of the older material (like here) - and then new material when he begins working on a new composition. This really is the height of modern flamenco (not fusion) - incredible rhythm, intricacy of phrasing and incredible all round sophistication.

A great video of Manolo Sanlucar in the 70s playing the Seguiriyas Elegía al Niño Ricardo that he had recorded on Vol 2 of Mundo y Formas de la Guitarra Flamenca

Todd Kreuzburg is a great guitarist who plays many styles and all of them with excellence. He is unusual in that he has a hybrid style utilizing fingerpicking and plectrum. This does not stop him from getting all the correct sounds needed for flamenco. He has been criticized for not being flamenco - don't listen to those critics. Flamenco is a way of playing - an attitude. Just listen to this Alegrias - this guys got the whole package. Original composition.

Excellent Italian guitarist Bruno Pedros plays a tangos. A really great theme here - this guy sticks to the point with the great theme supported by some neat variations.

A great rumba by José Antonio Rodriguez. Rodriguez has often been labelled as a 'classical' flamenco guitarist, partly due to three things: a) his ultra clean beautiful sound; b) his impeccable dress sense which some think must be something exclusive to the classical world; and c) his background of having studied in a conservatory with Manuel Cano, who played both classical and flamenco. However, José Antonio Rodriguez must be seen as a complete flamenco guitarist - he does not play classical music and his attitude is flamenco through and through. Yes - his sound is exceptionally clean but completely different from the tone associated with classical guitarists. Rodriguez's technique includes all the snap and attack etc. which make him unmistakeably a flamenco guitarist. A truly gifted player and composer.

A super Guajiras by Manolo Franco. Franco devotes himself mainly to accompanying the cante but is an awesome soloist - one of the top in fact. The first few seconds of the video is footage of when Franco won the guitar prize at the Bienal de Sevilla in 1984. He is congratulated by his fellow competitors Rafael Riqueni, José Antonio Rodriguez, Tomatito, Paco del Gastor and Pedro Bacan (now sadly deceased). What a competition! Take a careful look at the background and you'll see the judges Paco de Lucía, Manolo Sanlúcar, Serranito, Juan Habichuela and Mario Escudero - wow!

A classic Soleá by Manolo Sanlúcar from the early 70s. This was pretty much the same version as Solea Pasito a Paso from Volume 2 of Sanlúcar's historically important opus Mundo y Formas de la Guitarra Flamenca

A Tangos - Vivencias - by Rafael Riqueni which is on his album Alcazar de Cristal. The piece is composed in F phrygian (tarantas key).

A fabulous Soleá por Buleria by Paco de Lucí
a called Antonia from the album Cositas Buenas. This is Paco's first Soleá por Buleria in 30 years - the previous one being on the 1973 album Fuente y Caudal.

A classic Soleá - A Canales - (dedicated to dancer Antonio Canales) by Rafael Riqueni from his Mi Tiempo album period.

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